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SgT sponsored the ICPHSO 2021 International Virtual Symposium

SgT to speak at the AAFA Traceability & Sustainability Conference (November 4, 2021)

Calculating The Environmental Cost of Fashion: Green Story and SgT

AAFA Webinar – Gap Inc. x SgT: The Importance of Fit in Fashion and How to Get It Right June 17, 2021

Greener Fashion Industry: Responding to Consumers Expectations

Speeding Up Sustainability: ICS Environmental Audits

Local Textile Experts to Complement Your Team

Liability Check: On-site Stock Assessment before Payment to Suppliers

Development Stage: On-Site Assistance to Mitigate Risks

Mold Prevention: Acting All Along the Supply Chain to Avoid Irreversible Damages

SgT Sponsor at ICPHSO 2020 International Virtual Symposium

Adapting to Change: Best Practices by Leading Textile Brands and Retailers

From Fiber to Finish: Traceability and Sustainability in Fashion Supply Chain

Transparency & Traceability: How to Give Consumers What They Want – ViJi and SgT

The European Commission Launches Green Consumption Pledge: 5 Solutions for Textile Companies to Improve Their Sustainability

SgT To Share Industry Expertise at ICPHSO 2021 Annual Symposium

AAFA x SgT: Virtual Product Safety & Compliance Seminar on February 9 & 10, 2021

The SCIP Database Takes Effect on January 5 – What Are Your Obligations?

Come and visit us at ICPHSO Annual Symposium

SgT Group became member of the AAFA

SgT’s 360° Lab: From Lab Testing to Product Intelligence

REACH: Phthalates Restriction Extension to Other Product Categories in the EU

Higg Index FEM Offsite Verification: Continuing the Path Towards a More Sustainable Supply Chain

SgT Launches SgT Link™ Mobile App

COVID-19: Global Summary of Operating Countries

Anticipate Your Quality Risks with SgT Link™

SgT in Egypt

SgT is now an active partner of ‘WEAR’

SgT Asia regional headquarters relocation

SgT German speaking sales for Europe

SgT Conference in Morocco

SgT attend the SIA Snow show in Denver, CO

SgT exhibits at Texworld, Paris Le Bourget

SgT starts operating in Mauritius

SgT starts operating in Portugal

SgT launches Online inspection booking tool

SgT provides offsite Higg FEM 3.0 verifications

SgT South East Asia office relocation

AQSIQ license renewed for SgT

SgT Sales Executive Europe on board

ISO 17020 license renewed for SgT

SgT Sales Executive US on board