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Our textile experts share their knowledge with you via live or on-demand webinars

Focusing the effort on raw materials brings many benefits, allowing brands and retailers to bring to the market products that meet consumer expectations. On this webinar hosted by the AAFA (American Apparel & Footwear Association), SgT, invited Gap Inc. and NTX to give an illustration of this fundamental topic for textile and fashion, and on the the importance of a consumer centered approach that ensures better fashion from the earliest stages of the supply chain, starting with better raw materials. 
Find out more about our scientific solution to verify and quantify recycled polyester. Watch the replay of our Webinar on ‘Sustainability Science: Ensure your recycled polyester claims are genuine’ on our YOUTUBE Channel.

On-Demand Webinars

Child labor, forced overtime, and safety breaches are some of the risks you can avoid with a Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Our Head of CSR shares her experience and insights on the many reasons why you need a CSR program and the 7 criteria that your teams need to consider when looking for a good CSR service provider.


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Getting the right fit in fashion is key: Everybody feels better in clothes that fit and flatter their body shape. Most fashion brands will attest that creating the right fit for consumers is their primary style goal—and their biggest headache.

In this webinar, Gap Inc. and SgT share their experience and technical insights to help brands achieve the right fit in fashion every time.


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