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Textile Laboratory Functional Testing

SgT offers a full range of tailor-made testing services to help brands and retailers improve the performance and fitness-for-use of their products and bring to the market products aligned with consumer expectations.


Our solutions

SgT offers a variety of functional tests all along the supply chain to ensure that products meet consumer expectations in terms of performance and fitness for use and stay aligned with the brand’s promise.

Main tests performed

Following industry standards or tailor-made tests based on consumer needs. Some of the tests we perform include:

  • Construction analysis
  • Fiber and yarn tests
  • Dimensional stability (shrinkage) and related tests
  • Color fastness tests (to washing, to rubbing, to light …)
  • Strength tests (bursting, seam properties)
  • Flammability
  • Fabric and garment performance tests (abrasion, pilling, repellency & resistance…)
  • Garment accessories tests, safety tests
  • Care label recommendations
  • Colorfastness​
  • Construction​
  • Dimensional stability​
  • Fiber analysis​
  • Performance​
  • Strength

Specific tests per product /material

  • Footwear: Sole bond adhesion, seam, heel flexibility and attachment strength, Slip and flex cracking resistance, symmetry check…​
  • ​Accessories: zipper, hooks and loop fasteners, button, tension, rusting, torque test…
  • ​Mold / metal contamination prevention​
Textile Laboratory Functional Testing


Improved products

Increased consumer satisfaction

Brand Reputation