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Speeding Up Sustainability: ICS Environmental Audits


In a world where the environment is at the top of almost every agenda – leading to pressure from governments, associations, and eco-aware consumers – companies have never been under more pressure to accelerate their sustainability journey.

ICS – Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability – can help in this area. An international sectorial initiative that aims to enhance working conditions among the global supply chains of its member retailers and brands, ICS offers its members a set of common tools to mutualize their audits. This process can contribute to the reduction of audit fatigue and increase knowledge sharing and best practices.

Among its members are 48 multinational retailers and brands in the textile, retail, footwear, electronics, and furniture sectors.*



API – SgT’s sister company – is accredited to perform ICS social and environmental audits to ensure that suppliers and their supply chains align with the ICS Environmental Code of Conduct.


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