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Continuous Inline Inspection

This quality inspection type consists of SgT inspectors visiting your facility regularly in order to monitor the progress of production, and assure that quality standards remain high.

Main Controls Performed

  • Activity performed once a week for a determined period of time, at any point of the production status
  • Trace back of a defect to its source within the production process from finished product, through sewing / assembly process, cutting / componentry preparation process and raw material inspection
  • Root cause analysis of the problems detected, validation and monitoring of the factory improvement plan
  • Evaluation of production problems and suggestion of solutions to the manufacturer
  • Tracking and monitoring improvements activities from one week to another


Products We Focus On

  • Garments, shoes, accessories, bags
  • Complex items, large size runs or color runs
  • Products with complex production and assembling steps
  • Very large orders that require particular attention to quality and timing
Continuous Inline Textile Inspection


  • The ability to identify problems at an early stage,
  • The opportunity to rectify quality issues before packing,
  • The ability to follow up an improvement project from starting to ending,
  • A preliminary checking of the production status in order to prevent any unnecessary delivery slide and short shipment at the final stage.

Production Monitoring

Evaluation of Problems and Simultaneous Corrections at Different Stages of Production of One or Several Styles