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SgT in Egypt

SgT is now supporting textile, and garment export growth from Egypt. The country has picked interest from not only EU buyers, but also from US buyers as a Egypt/US free trade agreement in under discussion, and the recent devaluation of the Egyptian Pound has made supplying out of Egypt a valid economic alternative.

SgT teams on the ground help aligning the supplier portfolio with industry’s best practices in order to bring up the skills in a supply chain that remains behind that of more advanced countries such as Turkey, Romania, or China for that matter.

SgT helps secures key steps in product development (Size Set, and PPS control) as well as monitor the production launch, and control throughout the production timeframe in order to ensure 1st choice quality from the 1st Final control.

The challenges exists, and are proportionate with the opportunities to gain a foothold early on in the Egyptian supply chain post revolutions.

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