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Recycled Polyester Testing

Recycled Polyester rPET Testing

Growing demand for sustainable products from consumers, governments and NGOs has made the use of recycled materials in fashion such as recycled polyester (rPET) tremendously valuable to brands as well as the environment. To maintain customer trust and fulfil regulation requirements, it is important to substantiate your rPET claims.

Why test recycled polyester?

Substantiate marketing claims, and avoid greenwashing

Consumers want to know and trust the sustainability claims brands are making. Build consumer trust and protect your brand’s reputation by substantiating your sustainable product claims with scientific proof.


Support sustainability initiatives

Get the tools to generate and track sustainability goals and KPIs, to strengthen confidence in your wider sustainability initiatives. For this, it is imperative to understand your supply chain and do due diligence on traceability and all marketing claims.

Establish a high-confidence, low-risk, transparent supply chain

Build trust and reliability within your supply network, be confident of what you buy and ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Fulfil regulation requirements

With recent labelling legislation and more on the way targeting sustainability, having the burden of proof on your side has become an integral challenge for our industry. Ensure compliance with increasing regulations by providing scientific proof and documentation.

Our Solution

Innovative Sustainable Science: rPET lab verification, scientific proof to substantiate claims

Albhades Lab (a Worms Safety Company) has pioneered an innovative scientific method to verify and quantify rPET in textile products made from rPET plastic bottles, helping brands and retailers substantiate their rPET claims.


What we can provide:

  1. Verification – does the product contain rPET?
  2. Quantification – how much does it contain?
  3. Beyond the individual test, we can bring clarity along the supply chain – build a database of materials & products and link them (on the FullBridge platform). If there is a problem, you can identify immediately the products impacted.

What sets our test apart?

Albhades Lab has the only accredited test for recycled polyester (rPET), recognized for performance, precision, and reliability (COFRAC accredited, a member of ILAC).


Advanced NMR technology ensures the highest level of accuracy, precision, and reliability in quantifying IPA. This method is exclusively used by Albhades lab.


We understand that manufacturing evolves and differs across the globe. We continuously sample and create a database of the percentage of IPA in plastic bottles to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

Tested at a lab that also tests pharmaceutical, cosmetics and medical devices, benefitting from their high vigilance and proficiency.


We can help you to:

  • Verify existing products
  • Validate raw materials
  • Verify finished products before shipment
  • Follow one batch along the supply chain to ensure consistency



Be sure that there is recycled polyester in the rPET you buy


Confidence in communicating claims, avoiding greenwashing


Get the % of the rPET you buy


Be sure of what you pay for

Watch the replay of our webinar

Watch the reply to our live webinar ‘Sustainability Science: ensure your recycled polyester claims are genuine’ to find out more about our scientific solution to verify recycled polyester.

Key topics covered:

  • About sustainability and a circular economy
  • Worms Safety Laboratories overview
  • Recycled polyester verification and testing
  • Q&A

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Our experts can support you technically in the verification and quantification of your recycled polyester at any stage of development. Contact us to discuss your needs.