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Fabric and Raw Material Inspection

Garment quality starts with fabric quality. Handbag quality starts with leather quality.

Our fabric and raw material inspection program assist customers in preventing faulty components or textiles. It also detects and settles quality issues at a very early stage.

Main Controls Performed

  • Visual assessment of 10%, 20%, 50%, or more, of the produced quantities
  • 100% assessments for expensive fabrics and leather hides
  • Usage of 4, 6 or 10 demerit point system or any other system agreed with our customers
  • Fabric quality is evaluated by unit points per 100 sq. yds. or per 100 sq. mtrs. where the fabric is considered of an acceptable level when falling within the maximum number of points set by the client.
  • Check on A, B, C grading of tanneries
  • Conformity check: dimensions, weight, hand-feel, colours, weaving, knitting, shading, tanning, finishing, coatings…
  • Picking of samples for laboratory testing


Products We Focus On

  • Fabrics: Natural fibres, synthetics, blends
  • Greige and PFD ( Prepared for Dyeing )
  • Leather hides
  • Other components such as trims, laces, elastic, ribbons
Fabric and Raw Material Inspection


  • Understand the fabric quality before shipment.
  • Discuss the improvement required on the failed rolls at fabric supplier base.
  • Guide for the best fabric sourcing decision.
  • Provide a profile of each quality.
  • Provide a profile of each fabric supplier’s performance season by season.

Quality Problems

Identification of Defects and Major Causes of Non-Compliance and Quality Problems

Replacement Policy

Replacement or Correction Before Shipping Or Before Start of Production.

Saving Time and Costs

Saving of Time and Reduction of Costs Linked to Problems with Quality of Supplies.