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Speeding Up Time to Market and Manufacturing Productivity


The effects of COVID-19 continue to disrupt supply chains, with stranded shipping containers causing disruptive delays between production countries and destination markets. This congestion is leading to logistical interruptions, soaring costs, adjustments of orders and forecasts, and many frustrated retailers – especially during high-demand seasons.

Brands and retailers recently reported a revenue tumble, but this wasn’t due to a drop in consumer demand – it was caused by a shortage of shipping containers and congestion at destination ports.

There are many other reasons why fashion garments find their way to the store shelves too late, including poor planning systems, missing components, skilled staff shortages, spare parts shortage resulting in machines becoming inoperative, quality issues, low efficiency, and more.

SgT’s production-consulting solutions identify and address these issues onsite to optimize factory performance at every stage.

An experienced SgT textile technician – from the locality – is entirely dedicated to the factory for a specific period of time (the workload and timeframe depends on findings, and factory’s resources and commitment to conduct change), sharing insights and recommendations to avoid issues.

The technician will start the onsite consultation with a full on technical audit allowing to establish a diagnostic and path of actions – reviewing equipment, line organization, stakeholders relationships, and more. If needed, SgT technical team brings support to the technician to dive deeper and provide a second opinion to ensure only the most efficient solutions are provided. 

For brands, this means no more production or shipping delays that prevent goods from reaching stores on time. For suppliers, it leads to valuable lessons learned and better practices moving forward.

Production consulting can also benefit brands and retailers who have decided to move all or part of their production close to their primary destination markets. When brands bring production closer to where the goods are sold, a lack of local expertise can hinder the intended benefits.

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