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Footwear Quality Management

Quality management challenges

Main quality issues during production coming from lack of expertise, lack of time, cost of raw materials
Consumers expectations for a fashionable product with perfect fitting, quality & durability
Majority of production is made in China so need for a partner there, with experience
Footwear manufacturing is a labor-intensive process, leading to many human errors & defects
Timing is crucial with increased competition between brands and distributors

SgT have years of expertise in dealing with footwear quality management. We understand the quality issues common to your products, and the quality standards your customers will hold them to.

Our Solutions


Technical Advisory

Ensure safety & quality throughout production stages

  • Assess raw materials and components storage conditions which can generate quality issues and lead to chemical reactions (ex: presence of Chromium VI)
  • Verify the provenance of raw materials and trims
  • Evaluate manufacturers’ due diligence and control of incoming components and materials
  • Support our customers at the development stage with pattern grade evaluation, extreme size and full-size control
  • Control each critical production steps (bonding, lasting…)
  • Evaluate trim and trim assembling quality

Sustainability services

Evaluate and improve the environmental impact of your products & processes

  • Higg Index FEM 3.0 verification & training (SAC69 approved)
  • Environmental & chemical assessments & solutions
  • Green claims verification & development
  • Recycling verification services

Laboratory expertise

Test your products performance, functionality, and safety

  • Check the compliance of raw materials and components to regulatory requirements
  • Assess the performance through wear tests, aging, flexing…
  • Accredited for SATRA, ISO, ASTM, DIN standards on footwear
  • CPSC, REACH, GB compliance testing
  • Specific safety tests for children’s shoes: small parts, sharp points, and edges, broken needles
  • Leather verification tests
  • Chemical tests on leather: Chromium VI, formaldehyde, DMFu

Quality control

Speed up the industrialization process of each produced piece

  • Align quality evaluation of leather hides to avoid blocking at cutting stage and help reduce wastage
  • Propose wear and model size trial to establish a first filter at development stage
  • Support our customers on final fitting validation, extreme size approval, full size approval

Factory audit

Qualify your suppliers & evaluate their performances

  • Technical audits: raw materials, fabric mills, transfer print/embroidery….
  • Social audits
  • Environmental audits
  • Know-how transfer through training and controls

Innovative solutions

  • Recycled Polyester Testing
  • Chem Scan Check
  • Remote operations