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Sportswear and Outdoor Clothing Quality Management

Quality management challenges

There is not an endless supply of skilled factories for certain lines of products or techniques
Technical know-how is a valuable asset that needs to be developed and protected, generating sourcing risks
The acute impact of seasonality for collections, and of the weather on specific products e.g. skiwear, requiring you to receive the right product at the right time
Distribution to global markets requires products that are compliant with each country's safety and security standards
Brands are exposed to customs, authorities, NGOs (e.g. Greenpeace Detox campaign), consumer associations, etc.
Consumers expect the products they buy to be non-toxic, durable, and harmless to the environment

How SgT Offers Sportswear and Outdoor Clothing Quality Management to Improve Your Brand 

At SgT, we have over 30 years of experience in the quality management of textiles and technical/functional products. All members of our sportswear & outdoor clothing team have a textile technical background with solid know-how in development and production. Our experts come from various areas (including skiwear, outdoor wear, technical products, PPE). They have a passion for products and, above all, for quality. We further intend to help our customers by maintaining the right level of cooperation with their suppliers and gain credibility by helping them to improve as well.

SgT have years of expertise in dealing with Sportswear and Outdoor clothing quality management. We understand the quality issues common to your products, and the quality standards your customers will hold them to.

For Sportswear and outdoor clothing, the right balance must be found between functionality, performance, comfort, quality, and trendiness.

Our Solutions


Technical advisory

Ensure safety throughout production stages, including development

  • Upstream safety control on raw materials before shipment to the manufacturer
  • Regulatory collection review before production launch

Get additional help during peak season

  • Dedicated technicians with Sportswear background working exclusively for the brand on a determined period
  • SgT’s support on administrative and operational functions

Sustainability Services

  • Higg Index FEM 3.0 verification & training (SAC69 approved)
  • Environmental & chemical assessments & solutions
  • Green claims verification & development
  • Recycling verification services

Laboratory expertise

Test your product performance and compliance

  • Aging, durability, coated fabric resistance, UV protection, water repellency / waterproof
  • Color migration, breathability, feather & down thermal properties
  • Any tailor-made tests to confirm a particular functionality or for a new technology

Quality control

Monitor all production from raw material to finished product

  • Fabric & raw materials inspection
  • Special inline inspection (respect of pattern & gradation)
  • Special final inspection (fitting, clear definition of majors, stricter control of appearance)
  • 100% textile inspection
  • Tests on Seam Stretch ability and Seam Strength
  • Review on Hand feel, Symmetry and Mold Cup Shape

Factory audit

Qualify your suppliers & evaluate their performances

  • Technical audits: raw materials, fabric mills, transfer print / embroidery….
  • Social audits
  • Environmental audits
  • Know-how transfer through training and controls

Innovative solutions

  • Recycled Polyester Testing
  • Chem Scan Check
  • Remote operations