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Local Textile Experts to Complement Your Team

The reduction of workforces and international travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are among the practical challenges that are forcing companies worldwide to adopt new strategies and contingency plans.One of the biggest challenges for companies in this uncertain ‘new normal’ is how to reduce costs without reducing quality. Brands must ensure product safety and quality for the end-user while also guaranteeing efficient time-to-market.

The question is, how can brands achieve a customer-centered strategy with an enhanced time-to-market while also considering cost-reduction needs? When workforces are limited and travel restricted, companies need:

An Extension of Your Own Team

SgT is working with brands and retailers’ internal quality and audit teams to help companies adapt to this new normal, supporting them on-demand with a 360° approach to quality that provides optional solutions.

Our complementary technical support

Companies can benefit from additional assistance when and where it’s needed with SgT’s complementary technical support which allows the flexibility to adapt as required. Our added value solutions include:


Why is SgT Different?

Our quality experts know each country’s textiles, apparel, and footwear production challenges because they’re from each locality and have worked for factories before.

They can also visit any factory quickly, which is key, especially when travel is restricted.


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