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Factory Assessment

This assessment enables a first overview of a factory’s set up, performances, and its principal points of compliance with international standards.


The overview evaluates both technical and social aspects, as well as the premises and key safety points. It is a snapshot evaluation which can be carried out in a short time period and which gives a good illustration of factory’s set up and potential weaknesses. This first overview can be followed by a thorough audit on either technical or social aspects, depending on the results it brings to light.

Criteria to Monitor

  • Manufacturer Profile
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Premises and Equipment
  • Working Conditions and Environment
  • Hygiene and Safety
Textile factory assessment


Assess a Manufacturing facility

The ability to assess a manufacturing facility at early stage of sourcing process

Validate True Location of Vendor

The ability to validate true location of vendor manufacturing facilities

Factory Approval Process

The ability to speed up the factory approval process whilst mitigating the risk of failing a later stage compliance and technical audit

Addition of Manufacturing Site

The ability to instantly assess a vendor’s sudden addition of manufacturing site due to unforeseen lack of production capacity