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QMS Evaluation

Evaluating textile QMS consists of an expert analysis of all QA checkpoints established by the manufacturer, whether prior or during the production. Raw material reception, lab testing, internal control process. This is to help guarantee the quality, safety and conformity of finished products.

The auditors control the quality system implemented, evaluate the bottlenecks and suggest best practices. The evaluation also helps to understand the manufacturer’s ability to improve.

Criteria to Monitor

  • Quality system
  • Management of Raw Materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Testing Protocols
  • Steps of control
  • Non-conformity and claim management
  • Quality Control Resources & Management


Proper Quality Management

The ability to validate that proper quality management procedures and practices have been implemented within a specific manufacturing plant.

Improvement Plans

The ability to verify that specific improvement plans have been implemented in response to customer quality claims.

Quality Management Audits

The ability to perform quality management audits on a shorter cadence than a traditional full technical audit.