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Development Stage: On-Site Assistance to Mitigate Risks

Are you finding it difficult dealing with manufacturers based thousands of miles away?

Ongoing COVID-19-related travel restrictions – which have no clear end in sight – are creating potential risks for brands at the crucial development stage.  


When brands and retailers cannot easily visit their partners’ sites to oversee quality as they would usually do, problems, delays, and misunderstandings can occur. Precious time can also be lost on planning due to the sending of physical samples. 


SgT provides on-site support at the development stage – from fabric development through to pre-production samples – by assigning local and experienced textile engineers and technicians.


We also use the latest technologies so our customers can participate in on-site reviews remotely. This enables customers to validate samples speedily and get their products to market as planned.


Our experts can support you in the development and validation at the following steps:



Local Support: Support and validation when you cannot travel to factories

Development Expertise: Teams of engineers with different skillset at all steps

Time Savings: No more need to send samples for validation. Issues are corrected immediately.

Case Study


Due to global travel restrictions, our client was facing significant problems with the development of their spring collection.

Their technical and product development team could not travel as usual to their partner factories in India and Vietnam, leaving them with the headache of how they could ensure their products were up to standard in terms of fit and quality.


Thanks to our reliable, industry-leading solutions, which included assigning engineers and technicians on the ground, we were able to help this client validate their fit samples – including fitting on live models whenever it was possible.


Our client has been able to begin production on time and meet their business objectives.

Why Work with SgT?

SgT’s unique network – built over 30 years – of regional teams who have boots-on-the-ground experience in local textile manufacturing supply chains, can guide you through the most critical decision processes and support you remotely with the latest technology.

If you’d like to know more, please get in touch, and we can explain how our experts can help you and your business during today’s challenging times.


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