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Retail and Ready to Wear Clothing Quality Management

Quality management challenges

Achieving lower price positioning due to market competitiveness
Reducing sourcing costs and overhead variation due to a changing sourcing environment
Making the quality division a solution provider instead of a cost center
Social compliance & Health risks
Fast fashion, short product cycle & fast turn-around
International distribution: different markets, different regulations, different logistic constraints

SgT have years of expertise in dealing with retail and ready-to-wear clothing quality management. We understand the quality issues common to your products, and the quality standards your customers will hold them to.

We provide tailor-made solutions adapted to our customers’ needs to help them anticipate risk and align with their quality objectives. We support our customers maintain the right level of cooperation with their suppliers and gain credibility by helping them to improve as well.

Our Solutions


Technical advisory

Secure the upstream part of your supply chain

  • Safety control on raw materials before shipment to the manufacturer
  • Regulatory collection review before production launch

Set up the right quality policy & guidelines

  • Inclusive of market returns analysis and monitoring, technical file structure, development processes and market regulation compliance.

Speed up the industrialization process of each produced piece 

  • Technical control, validation of SMS, fit samples and PPS
  • Attendance to PP meeting

Sustainability services

Evaluate and improve the environmental impact of your products & processes

  • Higg Index FEM 3.0 verification & training (SAC69 approved)
  • Environmental & chemical assessments & solutions
  • Green claims verification & development
  • Recycling verification services

Laboratory expertise

Test your product performance and compliance

  • Standardized or custom-made chemical, physical & mechanical testing
  • REACH, GB, CPSIA compliance test & certification
  • Color fastness to crocking / washing / light / bleach
  • Leather durability, BS leather mark verification, leather type verification
  • Leather chemicals tests – Chromium (VI), formaldehyde & Dimethylfumerate (DMFU)
  • Metal Corrosion test…

Quality control

Monitor all production from raw material to finished product

  • Fabric & raw materials inspection
  • Special inline inspection (respect of pattern & gradation)
  • Special final inspection (fitting, clear definition of majors, stricter control of appearance)
  • 100% textile inspection

Factory audit

Qualify your suppliers & evaluate their performances

  • Technical audits: raw materials, fabric mills, transfer print/embroidery….
  • Social audits
  • Environmental audits
  • Know-how transfer through training and controls

Innovative solutions

  • Recycled Polyester Testing
  • Chem Scan Check
  • Remote operations