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100% Finished Product Inspection

This type of inspection is performed on all of your finished products on-site at factories, or at our inspection centers (i.e. in a neutral environment) by SgT QC experts.

Main Controls Performed

  • All pieces presented are checked
  • The products can be segregated as rejected, accepted, repairable, and re-checked immediately after repairing


Products We Focus On

  • Garments, shoes, accessories, bags
  • Any textile orders which need to be assured of having 100% quality
100% Textile Inspection


  • The advantage of 100% inspection is that it gives a better idea of product quality than any other inspection alternative.
  • To asses quality level of high value or luxury goods.
  • In the case of no trust that the supplier has effective quality controls in place
  • In the case the supplier might be swapping good batches with defective ones

Maximum Assurance of Quality for a Full Production Run

Possibility of Reaching a '0 Defect' Rating

Each Piece Is Correct and Conforming to the Required Standards. Advantageous for Both Manufacturer & Customer Who Is Guaranteed to Be Able to Sell All Pieces

The 100% Can Also Be Used for Orders with Major Quality Issues to Solve: It Will Select Only the Sellable Pieces