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Technical Audit

The technical auditors evaluate the effectiveness of the production organization, the production capacity and know-how of a specific factory.


SgT relies on a pool of experienced auditors with a textile background. Specific modules can be added for different market segments or products type (ex: denim with a 2nd tier audit of a laundry).

Criteria to Monitor

  • Development Process
  • Quality system
  • Management of Raw Materials
  • Process Control
  • Storage, Packing, Shipping
  • Premises and Equipment
  • Working Environment
  • Manufacturing Process
Textile Technical Audit


Assess a Manufacturing facility

The ability to fully assess a specific manufacturing facility’s production capacity and capability against industry-wide recognized standards.

Improve and maintain Production

The ability to develop, improve and maintain key manufacturers’ production capacity and capability

Rank Manufacturing Plants

The ability to quantifiably rank manufacturing plants in terms of production capability and capacity within customer vendor base.