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Ensuring Proper Hygiene & Working Conditions for Your Suppliers

Ensuring Proper Hygiene & Working Conditions for Your Suppliers: COVID-19 Precautionary Audit

Brands, retailers, importers and suppliers around the world are looking to restart their activity as quickly as possible. However, the health, safety and working conditions of employees remains a key topic to be addressed. The pressure of time and the uncertainty of a context never before seen is not only raising the risk of vulnerabilities and non-compliance in some factories, but is also emphasizing the need for new practices and procedures.

Even the most compliant factories present risks that need to be tackled.

Among some of the critical points to be checked during this period is the review of health and safety systems to ensure prevention and control measures for COVID-19 are aligned with the local guidelines. For example, ensuring an adequate separation between working stations, availability of face masks and procedures for wearing and removing them, process in case of the detection of a suspected case, etc.

It is within this difficult context that we put our expertise at the service of our clients to help their suppliers get ready for a safe restart with our special ‘COVID-19 Precautionary Audits Program’. Our specialists in CSR audits can support your suppliers in creating a safe and hygienic work environment during pandemic situations, evaluating critical points in the following areas.

What is SgT’s Added Value?

At SgT, our experts consider that hygiene and safety are not the only aspects to pay attention to during this crisis, our audit program also includes control of working conditions. Indeed, assessments of the forced labor risk and working hours elevation are essential to prevent the increase of ‘voluntary’ overtime in response to demanding production targets.


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