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Inline Inspection

SgT’s quality experts conducts an inline inspection at your facility when 15% to 20% of an order is ready, checking finished and semi-finished garments for issues.

Main Controls Performed

  • Activity performed at 10% to 15% of production sewing completed
  • Inspection of finished and semi-finished product off the production lines
  • Evaluation of production problems and suggestion of solutions to the manufacturer
  • Trace back of a defect to its source within the production process from finished product, through sewing / assembly process, cutting / componentry preparation process and raw material inspection
  • Root cause analysis of the problems detected, validation and monitoring of the factory improvement plan
  • Control of conformity, measurements, quality of finished and semi-finished product


Products We Focus On

  • Garments, shoes, accessories, bags
  • Complex items
  • Large orders of garments, shoes, accessories, and bags
  • Orders that require particular attention with regard to quality and production timing
Inline Textile Inspection


Early detection of defective garment can save time and money for repair work.

Improve productivity by reducing the probability of defect generation and subsequently decreasing WIP at critical operations.

Early feedback to cutting department as garments are checked inline, defects related to cutting can be detected at an early stage of bulk production.

Reduce the workload of the end-of-line checker and improve end-line performances