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Textile Laboratory Compliance Testing

SgT offers a full range of testing services to secure compliance related to physical and chemical testing.


Our solutions

SgT offers a variety of chemical and mechanical tests all along the supply chain to ensure that our customers’ products comply with their distribution market’s regulations and do not cause harm to their customers or to the environment.

Industry challenges

  • Meeting regulations to avoid product recalls
  • Ensuring products quality and maintain brand reputation
  • Meeting buyer requirements
  • Difficulty to follow the fast-changing regulatory environment
  • Disruptive environment
  • Changes in consumer behaviour
  • Increasing sustainability demands

Regulations & initiatives we cover

  • Europe: ISO, REACH, EN, AFIRM, RSL
  • United States: CPSC, AATCC, ASTM
  • Australia / New Zealand: AS / NZ
  • China: GB
  • Sustainability: (incl. ZDHC, Higg Index, Green Claims…)

Textile Laboratory Compliance Testing


Destination Regulations

Comply with market destination regulations

Safe Products

Bring safe products to the market that do not cause harm to customers or to the environment

Brand Reputation

Maintain brand reputation