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Traceability and Sustainability in Fashion Supply Chain

Sustainability and traceability have become equally as important issues to fashion brands and retailers as they are to consumers and governments. Now a top-of-mind consideration for fashion companies, increasing pressure to be more transparent in fashion is also stemming from an escalation of rules and regulations in this area.

Fashion brands are being compelled to track and document the chain of custody, from raw materials to the finished product. This is a vastly complex task due to the length and intricacies of the fashion supply chain. With multiple stages and stakeholders, from agriculture through to manufacturing, logistics, and the final sales shelf, it is difficult for brands to achieve visibility over the entire network. However, the associated risks include compliance failures, harmful brand exposure, and product recalls.

SgT’s textile traceability solutions have been helping key fashion retailers get ahead of the game by overcoming these risks with valuable results. Thanks to their hands-on knowledge, SgT’s textile experts have established a comprehensive approach across eight innovative steps that help brands track and trace every element in their supply chain, right from its earliest stage.

One key element of the solution’s success is that SgT’s locally based experts in textile production countries know the supply chain inside and out in these locations. This means that for a specific model and its associated manufacturing processes, they are aware of all the documents that need to be reviewed to ensure truly reliable traceability information.

Working with SgT’s textile traceability solutions to gain control over your supply chain will put you ahead of the competition and help you advance your goals.

Are you looking for more traceability and transparency in your supply chain? Contact our textile experts today about our textile traceability solutions.

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