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The European Commission Launches Green Consumption Pledge

The European Commission Launches Green Consumption Pledge: 5 Solutions for Textile Companies to Improve Their Sustainability


The European Commission launched its new Green Consumption Pledge on 25 January 2021, which will require companies to commit to improving their environmental impact and to help consumers make more sustainable purchases.

The initiative is the first delivered under the New Consumer Agenda and aims to accelerate the contribution of businesses to a sustainable economic recovery and to build consumer trust in the environmental performance of companies and products.

Five companies from different EU Member States are so far the first to participate in this pilot project: Colruyt Group, Decathlon, LEGO Group, L’Oréal and Renewd, according to a European Commission press release1.

By committing to improving their environmental impact, companies must take concrete measures and make data on progress public in at least three of the five pledge areas:

  1. Calculate the carbon footprint of the company
  2. Calculate the carbon footprint of selected flagship products
  3. Increase the sale of sustainable products or services
  4. Commit part of the corporate public relations expenditure to the promotion of sustainable practices
  5. Ensure information provided to consumers in relation to the company and product carbon footprints

5 Expert Solutions to Support Sustainable Textiles and Apparel Production

With over 13 years of on-the-ground textile industry experience and its manufacturing challenges, we have developed a range of Textile Sustainability Services to help you achieve your sustainability goals and those of your customers.

With our unique sustainability solutions, we help you identify, develop and provide tangible evidence of your product and company’s environmental performance:

  • Organization Carbon Footprint (ISO14064): full or screening data confirmation, modelling and reporting to assess an organization’s environmental impact in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).
  • Product Carbon Footprint (ISO 14067): carbon footprint assessment of your textile product from raw material to disposal by Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) technique.
  • Life Cycle Assessment (ISO 14040/14044): full or screening data confirmation, modelling and reporting to assess a product’s environmental impact either from cradle to grave or from cradle to cradle.
  • Life Cycle Assessment Critical Review: fair and reasonable 3rd party evaluation of your LCA to ensure its transparency and credibility.
  • Green Claims Verification and Development (ISO standards 1402X):
    • development of quantifiable, accurate and official green claims
    • verification, quantification and validation of your existing green claims


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