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AAFA x SgT: Virtual Product Safety & Compliance Seminar

  SgT is part of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA). This year, SgT will take part in different events organized by or with the AAFA, starting with SgT’s sponsorship of their virtual Product Safety & Compliance Seminar on February 9 & 10, 2021 from 1:00PM to 3:30PM ET.

The SCIP Database Takes Effect on January 5

The SCIP Database Takes Effect on January 5 – What Are Your Obligations? The new SCIP database – the Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products) established under the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) – comes into force on January 5, 2021. Companies that supply articles containing substances of very high… Continue reading The SCIP Database Takes Effect on January 5

SgT: More Than Ever, Engaged for the Future


Speeding Up Sustainability: ICS Environmental Audits

  In a world where the environment is at the top of almost every agenda – leading to pressure from governments, associations, and eco-aware consumers – companies have never been under more pressure to accelerate their sustainability journey.

Local Textile Experts to Complement Your Team

The reduction of workforces and international travel restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic are among the practical challenges that are forcing companies worldwide to adopt new strategies and contingency plans.

Liability Check: On-site Stock Assessment

Liability Check: On-site Stock Assessment before Payment to Suppliers Surplus stocks of fabrics, trims, accessories, and finished goods are building up at mills and factories due to COVID-19 delayed shipments and shutdowns.

SgT at ICPHSO Annual Meeting and Training Symposium 2022


SgT sponsored ICPHSO 2021 International Virtual Symposium

  SgT was delighted to once again support the annual ICPHSO International Virtual Symposium as a sponsor. On October 27 and 28, the conference brought together some of the world’s leading brands and retailers, including Decathlon, Mattel, and Hasbro, who shared insights on the future of consumer product safety.

SgT speaks at the AAFA Conference (November 4, 2021)

SgT will speak at the AAFA (American Apparel and Footwear Association) Traceability & Sustainability Conference in November, exploring sustainability through traceability. During the two-day virtual event, international brands and retailers will share insights on how the industry is shifting and delivering solutions, resources, and initiatives that protect people and the environment.

AAFA Webinar – Gap Inc. X SgT June 17, 2021

Gap Inc. and SgT will share the stage to present a webinar hosted by the AAFA (American Apparel and Footwear Association):