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TRAINING  I  Higg FEM 3.0 Deeper Practical Insights – Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, December 05 & 12

TRAINING  I  Higg FEM 3.0 – Practical approach based One day training

SgT provides offsite Higg FEM 3.0 verifications

SgT is one of the leading Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) approved Verifier and Trainer Bodies and has been doing both on-site and offsite verifications (General and Chemical Specialist Verifications) in many countries in Asia and Europe. With this pandemic situation and restricted travels, SgT is offering Higg Index Off-site verifications. Although there are limitations to… Continue reading SgT provides offsite Higg FEM 3.0 verifications

New Key Resources to Support You in the Day After

  At SgT we are preparing for the day after with our technical expertise. We are bringing on board some key resources to support our clients and help prepare for tomorrow. Leading our teams in our different divisions are highly qualified experts, putting many years of expertise at the disposal of our partners. Some of… Continue reading New Key Resources to Support You in the Day After

COVID-19: Epidemic Prevention Measures


SgT South East Asia office relocation

SgT Vietnam office is relocated. The new address is effective as of Friday, May 1st 2015.

SgT Sales Executive Europe on board

Mrs. Laurence Sweertvaegher has newly joined SgT as Sales Executive Europe. Laurence will oversee our commercial and sales development in Europe.

ISO 17020 license renewed for SgT

SgT successfully passed the ISO 1720 audit and saw its accreditation renewed on April 8th, 2014, until 2017.

SgT Sales Executive US on board

Mrs. Emilie Ponsin joined SgT in October 2013 as US Sales Executive. She will oversee our sales development in Northern American continent.

SgT attend the SIA Snow show in Denver, CO

Meet us at the Snow sport Industries America (SIA) sourcing snow fair on February 1st 2013 and at the SIA Snow show on February 2d 2013.