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Why it’s time to empower your suppliers

Fashion brands and retailers naturally work with a multitude of suppliers, which can number in the thousands for larger brands. Brands are expected to navigate and keep control of this complex and fast-moving situation while continuing to deliver safe and quality products to their customers. While it’s easy to think of individual suppliers as little… Continue reading Why it’s time to empower your suppliers

Getting your green claims right

As eco-conscious consumerism continues to rise, sustainability has become a powerful marketing tool for brands and retailers. However, the process can backfire and actually damage brand reputation if your brand cannot prove its sustainability statements, or worse still, is accused of misleading customers with false claims. On the flip side, companies that successfully promote their… Continue reading Getting your green claims right

Sustainability science: ensure your rPET claims are genuine

Growing demand for sustainable products from consumers, governments, and NGOs has made the use of recycled materials in fashion tremendously valuable to brands as well as the environment. The COVID-19 crisis has also deepened this engagement with sustainability, driving consumers to pressure fashion brands to consider their social and environmental impacts and uphold their responsibilities.… Continue reading Sustainability science: ensure your rPET claims are genuine

0% risk of unexpected chemicals with Chem Scan Check™

Did you know that around 80% of chemicals in Asia are either produced locally or come from unknown sources? There are no guarantees that some of these chemicals don’t contain traces of hazardous substances, making your products and supply chains vulnerable. In 2020, one in four imported products were found to be non-compliant with REACH… Continue reading 0% risk of unexpected chemicals with Chem Scan Check™

The Hidden Costs of Internal Apparel Quality Management

In the apparel industry, effective quality management systems go hand in hand with a successful product and a competitive brand reputation. To achieve this, brands either work with quality specialists to outsource their quality management or choose to do it internally.

What to look for in an Apparel Quality Provider?

In our previous blog, we explored the benefits of outsourcing your textile quality management. Now, we want to help you determine what you should be looking for to achieve the very best quality results for your brand. 

Hire a Textile Quality Provider or Do it Yourself?

To hire a textile quality provider or to do it yourself, that is the question? Whether you’re a small, medium or large sized retailer, there are many benefits associated with hiring a textile quality provider, the main attraction being the cost benefits involved.

Specialized Textile Quality Provider vs. Generalist

Whether you’ve recently broken into the fashion industry or already established a well-known brand, the quality of your products can make or break your brand.

Benefits of Outsourced Textile Quality Management

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned buyer who works with products that are manufactured overseas, you’ve probably seen your fair share of products with quality defects. In the fashion industry, you know that your brand can’t afford these types of quality problems as you’ll risk losing valuable customers, or worse, damage your reputation.

Ethical Fashion: Who Is Responsible for CSR Compliance?

Positioning your brand as a fashion leader in the hearts and minds of consumers goes hand in hand with keeping your finger on the pulse of the latest textile corporate social responsibility requirements! You might wonder, who should actually be responsible for your brand’s CSR Compliance? And the simple answer is: You