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eBook: Successful Apparel Brands: How H&M, Patagonia & Zara Do It

Learn how thriving fashion brands gear their sustainability and quality programs for success (so that you can achieve more).

The fashion industry is dynamic, complex and rife with competition. Running a successful fashion brand and maintaining success over the long run comes with many industry challenges and unfortunately, few apparel brands outlive their first 5 years of existence.


The anatomy of the garment industry has gone through a constant state of evolution since the beginning of time, and today, the modern fashion industry is more customer-focused than ever before. Apparel brands experience immense pressure to increase output and push the latest fashion trends to the market at a high-quality in record times all the while reducing costs. Mass production leads to a greater number of quality mishaps that occur within the production process and make it to the market. As a result, fashion companies waste valuable time, money, resources and suffer reputational damage because of it. There are a few famous fashion brands that have attempted to increase output and skimped on manufacturing costs to maximize profits which resulted in bad press and a media nightmare.


It takes a lot of finesse for a brand to live up to its consumer’s expectations in terms of delivering high-quality products that have in some way considered sustainability and are sold at a decent, affordable price. When entering a luxury brand’s store, one can expect the finest quality products at a premium price. The same goes for eco-friendly brands that make it their mission to explore alternative ways to manufacture clothing that won’t destroy the environment, and one also expects to pay more for these kinds of products. But, these types of products don’t always fit within everyone’s budget. This is where H&M, Zara, and Patagonia come in. These three brands continue to produce high-quality, affordable products while managing to shift towards a more sustainable future.


We’ve created an eBook which takes a closer look at quality management in the apparel industry by briefly touching on the evolution of the fashion industry and the current state of the fashion industry. We then proceed to examine how H&M, Zara, and Patagonia continue to reach new levels of success while having the perfect mix of high-quality, sustainable products that are affordable.

Our eBook covers:

  • A Brief Look at the Evolution of the Fashion Industry
  • The State of the Fashion Industry
  • H&M: Achieving quality, value chain, recycling and their risk assessment process
  • Patagonia: How its 8 business philosophies helps to achieve quality consistently
  • Zara: Supply chain, sustainability, and raw materials overview for continued success
  • What Can We Learn?
  • And much more…

Our eBook is highly informative, interesting and visually very appealing. By examining how current leaders are gearing their quality programs for success, you gain valuable insight into how your brand can achieve the same level of success going forward.


Are you ready take a page from three successful fashion brands’ books to start making positive changes in your own brand’s business operations today?


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  • Successful Apparel Brands: How H&M, Patagonia & Zara Do It