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3 Risks Apparel Importers Face When Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics

 For those of us in the textile and apparel industry, sourcing sustainable fabrics poses some unique challenges. While it is certainly desirable for apparel brands to promote sustainability in the supply chain, how can it be assured, and what risks do we face?

Top Apparel Brands Improve Quality By Investing In Employees

The retail industry is evolving like never before. Thanks to advancements in digital technology and innovations in delivery and data, retailers can predict and understand what their customers want, successfully meeting their demands.

Sustainable Fashion Transformation: Recycling and Reuse

The textile and fashion industry is experiencing a radical transformation. The global demographic growth, digitalisation, scarcity of resources, and accelerating climate change challenge the current business models to become more innovative and sustainable in order to remain profitable.

Sustainability: Because the Scales Are Huge in the Apparel Industry, Every Brand Has Its Role to Play

Fast growth in apparel per capita in recent years, driven by a decrease in price and an increase in production speed, means the textiles and clothing industries are significantly impacting our planet.

Tailor-Made Solutions For Socially Compliant Textile Suppliers

As the textile industry relies heavily on human resources, a safe environment and good working conditions are necessary for well-treated and loyal workers who ensure that production is fast, reliable, and efficient. 

China: While Finished Products Move Out, Raw Materials Remain

Modulate your quality budget to anticipate more risks

Current Situation: While final inspections remain important in controlling product quality and safety, they do not help manufacturers and brands to be proactive in assessing the different risks their products could face along the supply chain.    

Modular approach: How experienced brands allocate their quality budget

In order to maximize production efficiency, textile manufacturers and brands have to navigate a twofold path – minimizing cost while maximizing production quality. To do so, they need to find cost-effective quality man

Modular approach: How experienced brands allocate their quality budget

Are your products and suppliers chemically compliant?