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0% risk of unexpected chemicals with Chem Scan Check™

Did you know that around 80% of chemicals in Asia are either produced locally or come from unknown sources? There are no guarantees that some of these chemicals don’t contain traces of hazardous substances, making your products and supply chains vulnerable. In 2020, one in four imported products were found to be non-compliant with REACH and CLP*, with most cases focused on the presence of the restricted substances cadmium, lead, and nickel.

While uncertainty around chemical composition can be toxic for consumer confidence in general, brands and retailers have different setups, needs, and levels of awareness regarding compliance, risk, and sustainability:

As the use of recycled materials in products increases, the possibility of these materials containing unknown substances follows suit. Overall, better fashion begins with a bigger commitment to detect and address issues from the beginning, leading to less impact on the environment and society, empowering the best-performing suppliers, and focusing time and money on where the risks are high.

Our new solution: Chem Scan Check™

To support our partners in optimizing their testing strategies, we developed Chem Scan Check™ (CSC), which scans for more than 285 hazardous chemical substances in one go. Instead of waiting for a pass/fail outcome for expected chemicals with a traditional testing approach, we offer our partners insight into the potentiality of 285 chemicals that may be present—including those you wouldn’t usually look for in a regular test.

What does Chem Scan Check™ offer that’s different?
While our Worms Safety network proudly offers 15 laboratories globally for traditional testing methods, our broader goal is to enable our customers to anticipate risks, identify root causes, and instill a more innovative, proactive approach.

Chem Scan Check™ in action

We have already experienced cases in which sensitive products such as baby wear passed a risk-based RSL test, but our Chem Scan Check™ (CSC) detected a non-compliance. In another case, CSC found flame retardants within shirt buttons, most likely because the supplier was using recycled materials that contained plastics used for electronic products. CSC has also detected exotic fertilizer (diammonium phosphate) within a teddy bear. The brand then uncovered that the new supplier they were working with was using local chemicals that contained the fertilizer. In another case, CSC enabled one of our customers to expand their testing parameters. They hadn’t been testing their labels, despite that being common practice, but conducted a CSC screening and found that one of their certified suppliers was producing non-compliant labels with organic carriers (COCs) over the limit of compliance.


Why 285 chemicals?

Chem Scan Check™ can actually check for more than 285 substances. Currently, over 500 substances are calibrated with external standards. However, while Chem Scan Check uses powerful solvents and equipment, there is a limitation to organic substances. Each substance in the screening process also needs to be validated with extensive research to ensure repeatability and accuracy, so we have initially focused on supporting the textile industry in relation to the AFIRM RSL. At the moment, Chem Scan Check™ in combination with additional tests for heavy metals and formaldehyde can cover 100% of substances listed under AFIRM.

Which chemicals are covered by Chem Scan Check™?

 To cover completed RSL lists, other tests like heavy metals and formaldehyde will be tested separately.

How can Chem Scan Check™ (CSC) integrate with your chemical strategy?

What are the product applications?

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*According to an ECHA report:

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