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"The French AGEC Law - What you need to know"

The French Anti-Waste Law (Loi AGEC) is coming into force and is a matter of concern for a large number of brands, labels and textile and apparel manufacturers.


In this webinar, we invited Laurence Sweertvaegher, Director Business Development, Europe of SgT Group and Sandra Wielfaert, founder of Fashion that Cares* to discuss this recently-introduced regulation for France.

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Key topics covered:

  • What is AGEC Law
  • The main approach and objectives of this law
  • How will it affect the fashion & textile industries
  • Key dates to watch out for
  • The solutions that SgT and Fashion that Cares can offer

Improve Your Quality Management

Interested in talking with our quality representative and learning more about how SgT can help?


SgT is collaborating with Fashion That Cares* to help fashion brands and retailers better understand the comprehensive AGEC law. The law is set to change how fashion businesses operate in France and speed up traceability – one of SgT’s strong tools for the future.


SgT provides concrete document monitoring and verification, social and environmental audits and traceability, and innovative solutions aimed at scientifically proving any claims (e.g. our rPET test that detects and quantifies the presence of recycled polyester).


To ensure compliance with the AGEC law, we recommend increasing visibility across your supply chain and using laboratory tests and quality control at all stages of production and with all players, including spinning mills, textile factories, and tanneries.

*Fashion That Cares has been advising fashion players on their sustainable development issues since 2010. They support companies both strategically and operationally in the three key areas of CSR, responsible purchasing (everything concerning collections and sustainable sourcing), and carbon footprint.


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