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Webinar Replay: "Empowering your suppliers with a 7 steps program"

Many fashion brands and retailers are now looking for ways to empower their vendors, but this can be quite challenging to accomplish. While achieving open communication across the entire supply chain is an important part of customer – supplier collaboration, this is only the first step. Truly empowered suppliers will ultimately take ownership of product quality and feel they can share their ideas, make decisions and recommendations.


In this webinar, you will learn more about the benefits of empowering suppliers and how SgT’s Technical Team has put in place a 7-step program to simplify the process and effectively empower your vendors guided by the right experts.

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SgT is the textile experts of Worms Safety group, with 1,400 specialists in 80 countries and a network of 15 Worms Safety laboratories.

Worms Safety laboratories brings its lab expertise and innovation to support with advanced tailor-made solutions for each of our partner needs.

In this webinar, you will know more about our 7-step Factory Certified Auditor Program.


Key topics covered:

  • The importance of empowering suppliers
  • Challenges and factors that you should consider
  • Benefits of empowering suppliers to fashion brands and retailers
  • SgT’s 7-step Factory Certified Auditor Program

Improve Your Quality Management

Interested in talking with our quality representative and learning more about how SgT can help to empower your suppliers?

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