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Webinar Replay: "A sustainable solution - Chem Scan Check: 0% unexpected chemical risks"

In this webinar, you will know about one of SgT’s sustainability solution – Chem Scan Check.

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SgT is the textile experts of Worms Safety group, with 1,400 specialists in 80 countries and a network of 15 Worms Safety laboratories.

Worms Safety laboratories brings its lab expertise and innovation to support with advanced tailor-made solutions for each of our partner needs.

In this webinar, you will know more about one of the solutions developed by Worms Safety Laboratories to bring a sustainable way for 0% unexpected chemical risks – Chem Scan Check


Improve Your Quality Management

Interested in talking with our quality representative and learning more about how SgT can help with your quality problems?

This is a must-watch for all sustainability managers and quality control managers in the textile industry!

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