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The Ultimate Textile Quality Management Checklist

The 7 step quality assurance plan to help apparel brands meet quality specifications and expectations consistently.

The apparel industry is known for being remarkably complex, yet, despite the industry being an exceptionally challenging environment for brands to operate in, the pressure for high-quality garments has never been greater.


While many brand owners have adopted quality management systems, many still experience quality problems regardless. Quality issues start to arise when brand owners view quality management as a remedy to a problem, rather than solidifying it’s presence in every stage of the production process. Additionally, quality specification problems occur as a result of miscommunication between retailers and suppliers where product specifications and expectations are inaccurately specified.


Therefore, inspired by the ISO 9000 series, our textile quality management experts have put together a complimentary 7 step quality assurance plan, designed in the form of a checklist which states all the details, specifications, requirements and expectations of your product and ensures quality control throughout production.

Here’s a Quick Preview:

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Our textile quality management checklist is based on the following steps:

  1. Selecting The Right Factory
  2. Social Compliance
  3. Raw Materials
  4. Quality Control Processes
  5. Inspections, On-site Tests & Checks
  6. Textile Quality Control
  7. Overview of Quality Management Processes


Your checklist can easily be downloaded and printed and will act as a guide for your manufacturers and inspectors to ensure that your product specifications are met and provides information on how to properly test your products as well as report on any potential quality problems that may occur.


Are you ready to say goodbye to quality dilemmas and start making consistent quality improvements in your manufacturing operations?


Simply download your FREE copy of our ‘Ultimate Textile Quality Management Checklist‘ to help you gain control over your apparel supply chain which will guarantee high-quality products. Just fill in the form and click “DOWNLOAD NOW to request your FREE copy now.


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  • The Ultimate Textile Quality Management Checklist