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Textile Quality Audit Solutions

SgT’s experts assess the efficiency of your vendors’ 'Quality Management System'. Through different types of textile audits we evaluate their capability and capacity to deliver safe, quality products which conform. Through these audits, we also help your production partners to comply with international labor / social standards, and 'best practices'.

SgT’s 3-Step Textile Quality Audit Process

SgT has designed a progressive and cost efficient 3-step approach to managing a textile supplier/factory audit. Actions are taken based upon the level of risk presented by the supplier: A factory which presents a greater risk will take SgT longer to investigate onsite.

The 3 steps are the following:

sgt textile quality audit step 1

Step 1

  • Data collection from supplier
  • Checking of certificates available
  • Checking of internal documentation Feedback from SgT Field technician (e.g from inline/final inspections done on site, if any)
sgt textile quality audit step 2

Step 2

  • Technical audit carried out on factories, which are identified as weak, not certified and/or getting negative feedback
sgt textile quality audit step 3

Step 3

  • Full scale social audit for the factories failing the technical/social audit

We Offer the Following Quality Audits for Textiles:

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