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Who Are SgT?

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  • Specialists going beyond the pass and fail approach
  • Proposing corrective actions for continuous amelioration 
  • Key objective: to help brands invest better and less in quality management

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SgT, headquartered in Hong Kong, is managed by a team of quality management and manufacturing professionals from Europe, the U.S. and Asia.

Founded in 1990, SgT is an independent service provider, fully owned by Worms, whose strategy is to set up and develop an alliance of companies dedicated to building risk management solutions involving testing, inspection, and certification services.

We offer a range of textile quality management solutions for clothing and textile product manufacturers all over the world, including:

SgT relies on 30 years of experience as a company and on the profound experience of its employees. SgT is hugely experienced in fabric & leather processing and in the production of finished garments, footwear, and accessories.

The SgT team is continually gaining experience by working with over 4,500 factories annually, and over 200 brands across the USA, Brazil, and Europe.

SgT’s credibility is based on its experience and the expertise of its employees.

In addition, SgT follows various accreditation programs and is currently to the following international standards:

Trusted International Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 certificationChinese quality certificationISO 17020 certifiedSA8000 certificationISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratoryUSA consumer product safety commission certification

What Our Customers are Saying About Us:

  • Logo_Gap_Inc_Primary
    Most companies focus on quality of finished products - garments, footwear, and accessories - and when problems are found at that stage, it’s too late to do anything about it. Garments with yarn or fabric defects are usually rejected, which doesn’t help our brands or our customers. Process management and moving quality up the supply chain are absolutely essential in getting great quality right the first time to our customers.
    With SgT, for the first time, we were able to do more than just inspections. We now have an integrated partner to become a technical interface with us, the vendor, and the execution element.”
    Alex Thomas, Vice President, Global Quality, Gap Inc.
  • lerros
    “We are generally satisfied with our cooperation. It is an advantage to have you as a direct contact person in Germany. The communication with your teams on site is very smooth. The samples we are sending are always prepared for the inspections and they do strictly follow our comments. They also indicate defects in time, this allows us to contact with our agency directly after we received the report to address problems and still have the time to retain. We really appreciate that all reports are send within 24hrs after the inspection was conducted. We considered to increase the quality level after your last visit, even though there is no actual need we feel it is good to know that you are flexible enough to meet our requirements.”
  • cora

    ”An accurate judgment thanks to a good knowledge of the products which helps a lot to make the right decision.”

  • pearl izumi


    “At Pearl Izumi we offer an unconditional life-time warranty and want our customers to have a positive experience with our products. We have a unrelenting focus on insuring we are offering high quality products to our customers. SgT and Pearl Izumi (apparel division) have worked together during the past 5 years. We use SgT’s inspection services to augment our own efforts with outstanding results. I have personally worked with some of the people on SgT’s inspection team and I am impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. I think one of SgTs strengths is their ability to attract, develop and retain well trained, hard-working people and have shown that they can apply inspection standards fairly and firmly.”

  • As a high-end fashion brand, we must offer our customers a product with quality that is perfect and unique. To ensure we have the best products, we work in close collaboration with the SgT Laboratory of experts.  SgT meticulously tests all of our materials but also design and develop customized testing equipment and laboratory tests.  The SgT approach seamlessly replicates the usage to that of our loyal customers.

    The SgT laboratory engineers provide flexible, efficient and tailor-made solutions focused around quality excellence. This approach allows us to safely make strategic decisions every day.

    More than just following protocols and issuing a report, the SgT Technicians contribute in the field.  The SgT Technicians have detailed knowledge and experience with luxury high-end fashion products and materials.

    The SgT Technicians all have a manufacturing background and understand the know-how, practices and tricks (of the industry). When they are looking at a piece of fabric, they know how and where to find the defects.  The SgT technicians are able to participate and to suggest technical improvements.  Their suggestions are taken seriously by our manufacturers who are telling us that respectable remarks have been shared.

    Within the factories, the SgT Technicians offer the possibility to perform tailor-made inspections that match our needs and technical challenges. Issues are stopped upstream, our manufacturers are more attentive and have implemented improvements.

    At the end, the quality of our products is perfect and this can be seen with a strong reduction in our after-sales services.  We are not in a simple relationship of client/supplier, we are in a real partnership.


    Head of Quality Department, French high-end fashion brand

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