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Case Study: How Using the Right Raw Materials Can Help You Keep Your Customer Promise

Learn how SgT helps leading brands keep customer promise by eradicating a shrinking problem and using the right raw materials.

In the textile and fashion industry, it is impossible to keep your customer promise and get products right the first time without the right raw materials. Working with poor quality raw materials can not only have an impact on your brand image but also important costs in your supply chain, since raw materials make up the majority of the production costs—up to 70%— and account for half of all quality issues.


In this case study you will learn how SgT helped an international retailer keep their customer promise by using the right raw materials to eradicate a shrinking problem.


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At SgT, we offer specialized solutions to assist our customers in the quality management of their raw materials. We understand that detecting quality issues at a very early stage can support our customers to reduce issues on garment making, returns in stores and result in a supply chain optimization.


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