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Textile Quality Audit Solutions

Quality Management System

SgT’s experts assess the efficiency of your vendors’ ‘Quality Management System’. Through different types of textile audits we evaluate their capability and capacity to deliver safe, quality products which conform. Through these audits, we also help your production partners to comply with international labor / social standards, and ‘best practices’.

Criteria to monitor

  • Quality Management Systems (QMS)  
  • Raw Materials Management 
    • Traceability, storage, safety, subcontractors…  
  • Capacity & Subcontracting  
  • Manufacturing Process                                                             
    • R&D approach, technical review of process…  
  • Premises & Equipment  
  • Safety & Hygiene  
  • Working Conditions  
  • Environment & Sustainability  
  • Organic Certificate  


Identifying Risks

Identify risks from the earliest stages, ensure efficient controls & delivery lead-time.

Reduce Costs & Returns

Reduce costs & returns in stores (shrinkage, pilling, colorfastness…)

Sustainability Standards

Meet & keep up with local & international quality/sustainability standards

Buying Strategy

Indicate capacity of suppliers to bring improvement: buying strategy