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Successful Apparel Brands: How H&M, Patagonia & Zara Do It

Learn how thriving fashion brands gear their sustainability and quality programs for success (so that you can achieve more)

Successful Apparel Brands: How H&M, Patagonia & Zara Do it

Today, brands are under increasing pressure to boost output while maximizing profits. Delivering high quality products that meet the demands of increasingly conscious consumers has become even more challenging in 2017.

Current leaders in the fashion industry have recognized the importance of taking responsibility to shift their business practices towards sustainability, and meet these challenges through robust quality management systems that identify issues before it's too late. 


But, what important lessons can you learn from these leaders going into the new year and beyond?


'Successful Apparel Brands: How H&M, Patagonia & Zara Do It' will share:

  • A Brief Look at the Evolution of the Fashion Industry
  • The State of the Fashion Industry
  • H&M: Achieving quality, value chain, recycling and their risk assessment process
  • Patagonia: How its 8 business philosophies helps it consistently achieve quality
  • Zara: Supply chain, sustainability and raw materials overview for continued success
  • What Can We Learn?
  • And much more...

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