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SgT’s 360° Lab: From Lab Testing to Product Intelligence

Going beyond the traditional pass/fail approach in lab testing is key to ensuring quality and high-performing products that comply with your destination markets. 

Regular testing was not sufficient for the below examples:
SgT’s 360° lab – along with its partner labs – offers concrete answers to truly solve your quality and safety issues via the convergence of our added value services
  • From yarn and other raw materials to → finished products & their usage after sales
  • Addressing root causes


Upstream Control of Your Products

Assess the chemical performance of a facility, product, or material at the very first stages of your supply chain to earlier understand the potential risks of your activity. Manage, identify and mitigate risks at an early stage, reducing time to market by allowing SgT to certify your suppliers with in-house laboratories.    


Transversal Work Across Teams

Upon request, we can offer additional support and analysis from our technical team to help    you understand the reason why a test                      has failed. SgT Lab’s engineering team can develop tailor-made protocols and tests to match your exact requirements where available tests on the market cannot.  

Ongoing Compliance

Upon request, we can mobilize a team to

look out for any change of a given regulation

in a given market that might affect your      product compliance.

Define the scope of compliance, collect and verify documents, and integrate them in an online database for a fast response to authorities whenever you need to.
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