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SgT provides offsite Higg FEM 3.0 verifications

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SgT is one of the leading Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) approved Verifier and Trainer Bodies  and has been doing both on-site and offsite verifications (General and Chemical Specialist Verifications) in many countries in Asia and Europe.

With this pandemic situation and restricted travels, SgT is offering Higg Index Off-site verifications. Although there are limitations to an offsite verification, all facility types and questions at all achievement levels (including Level 2 & 3 Chemicals) can be verified offsite provided that qualified Verifiers are used including chemical specialists where applicable.

Off-site verifications offer two benefits to the manufacturers and the facilities:

  • The Verifier does not need to visit the Facility, which reduces travel and accommodation costs;
  • The Verification timeline is more flexible as it is not limited to the onsite time.

Please contact – Dr Kannan Muthu (, Head of Sustainability of SgT to discuss further about your Higg Index Verifications.

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