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SgT Now Offering Sustainable Textiles Services

Sustainable textiles and fashion, including ethical sourcing, are now an important consideration for today's apparel and textile brands.

SgT recognise this, and have developed a number of new sustainability services for our clients, to assure that your business can claim to be truly green and sustainable.

What Sustainable Textiles Services Do We Offer?

We're now offering five distinct services based on assessment, solutions and prevention, all geared towards making your business as sustainable as possible.

They are:

  • Product Sustainability Services (PSS)
  • Manufacturing Sustainability Services (MSS)
  • Recycling Verification Services (RVS)
  • Green Claim Services (GCS)
  • Sustainable Textiles Academy (STA)

The services span textiles' life-cycle, and so you're able to assure sustainability from the sourcing of raw materials right through to disposal and recycling of old clothing:

sgt sustainable textiles lifecycle


Let's take a look at these services in a little more detail.


Product Sustainability Services (PSS)

When selecting the product sustainability service, we carry out the following for our clients:

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) (ISO 14040/14044)

  • Screening LCA for the selection of better choice of raw materials, chemicals, etc
  • Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) (ISO 14067)
  • Water, Energy and Ecological Footprints based on LCA method
  • Green Claims and Validation of Green Claims
  • Critical review of LCA Studies
  • Verification and Validation of low impact products 


Manufacturing Sustainability Services (MSS)

These three elements make up the MSS service: 

1. Environmental Assessments & Solutions (EAS)

  • Environmental Audits based on any checklist/SgT’s customized checklist
  • Capacity building
  • Coaching for performance improvement after audits
  • Consulting services

2. Chemical Assessments & Solutions (CAS)

  • Chemical Management Audits based on any checklist/SgT’s customized checklist
  • Capacity building
  • Coaching for performance improvement after audits
  • Consulting services

3. Verification of low impact or sustainable processes

  • Detailed verification of processes that are claimed to have low impact in relation to regular processes and the quantification of such low impacts


Recycling Verification Services (RVS)

The RVS service includes:

  • Verification and Validation of recycled products and the authenticity of the raw material sources
  • Quantification of environmental footprints of recycled products with regard to virgin products
  • Preparation and validation of recycled content in the recycled products


Green Claim Services (GCS)

The GCS service includes:

Verification and validation of green claims such as:

  • Low impact products/processes
  • Renewable materials/resources
  • Energy efficient materials/processes
  • Water efficient materials/processes
  • Lower carbon footprint materials/processes
  • Lower water footprint materials/processes
  • Lower waste

Quantify and help to prepare green claims


Sustainable Textiles Academy (STA)

The sustainable textiles academy is where our sustainability experts train your organisation to become more sustainable with a view to putting you in a position where sustainability issues will not occur in future.

It has two key wings:

  1. Training
  2. Reading Resources
    • Blogs
    • Books
    • Newsletters



Our experts offer on or off-site training on the following factory, awareness, and capacity building topics:

  • Environmental Management & Assessments
  • Chemical Management & Assessments
  • Carbon Footprint in Textiles & Fashion
  • Environmental Footprints (Carbon, Water, Energy and Ecological footprints)
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Sustainability in Textiles & Fashion
  • Higg Index (Capacity Building- New Version 3 (V3))
  • Detox, ZDHC (Capacity Building)


Reading Resources

SgT will offer your staff additional support via thorough resources which they can use to do more research into the topics which are covered in their training.


Want to learn more about how SgT can assist you to become to more sustainable?

We're ready to listen to your needs and talk you through how sustainability services can help fulfil them and solve your issues.

Just contact us to discuss your situation, for free, with a consultant.

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