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TRAINING  I  Practical Guidance on Higg FEM 3.0 - Tirupur, India

Tirupur, December 18

Topics: Textile Sustainability

SgT Group became member of the AAFA

We are very delighted to announce that SgT Group became a member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) in September 2019. 

Topics: AAFA

SgT’s 360° Lab: From Lab Testing to Product Intelligence

Going beyond the traditional pass/fail approach in lab testing is key to ensuring quality and high-performing products that comply with your destination markets. 

Topics: Textile Quality Control, Lab Testing, Compliance

SEMINAR  I  Environmental & Chemical Sustainability in Textiles Supply Chain

Australia, November 7 & 11

Topics: Textile Sustainability

Come and visit us at ICPHSO International Symposium!

We’ll be exhibiting at the ICPHSO International Symposium 2019 in Dublin on 24-25 October, a two-day symposium for product safety stakeholders to learn, network and share information.  

Anticipate Your Quality Risks with SgT Link™

With SgT Link™, you can access dynamic statistics and KPIs - at factory level - to leverage data and anticipate your quality risks:

Topics: Online Quality Management, SgT Link

Sustainability: Because the Scales Are Huge in the Apparel Industry, Every Brand Has Its Role to Play

Fast growth in apparel per capita in recent years, driven by a decrease in price and an increase in production speed, means the textiles and clothing industries are significantly impacting our planet.

Topics: Textile Sustainability

Tailor-Made Solutions For Socially Compliant Textile Suppliers

As the textile industry relies heavily on human resources, a safe environment and good working conditions are necessary for well-treated and loyal workers who ensure that production is fast, reliable, and efficient. 

Topics: CSR compliance, Social Compliance, Supplier Relationships

China: While Finished Products Move Out, Raw Materials Remain

Topics: Raw Material Inspectings, China

Modulate your quality budget to anticipate more risks

Current Situation:

While final inspections remain important in controlling product quality and safety, they do not help manufacturers and brands to be proactive in assessing the different risks their products could face along the supply chain.    

Topics: Quality Management Improvement