How Apparel Brands & Retailers are Perceived Through the Lens of CSR & Quality

Dive into the effect corporate social responsibility and quality has on brands and retailers in our latest ebook.

Geographically dispersed supply chains, increased media attention, and socially active consumers mean that apparel brands and retailers face even bigger challenges remaining competitive in the international marketplace.
In our latest eBook, “How Apparel Brands & Retailers are Perceived Through the Lens of CSR & Quality”, we take a deep dive into textile Corporate Social Responsibility, how it affects the supply chain, its relationship to Total Quality Management, and how it influences customer perception. This eBook is for Quality Managers looking to improve quality, define CSR targets, and understand the effects it has on their customers.  
Here is a quick look at what's inside:
  • How CSR is Changing the Supply Chain
  • CSR and Why It Matters To Quality Control Managers
  • CSR and the Apparel Industry
  • The Effect CSR has on Customers

A must-read for all quality control managers in the apparel industry!

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