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Meet SgT’s Textile Quality Management Solutions Teams

SgT has reached a high level of expertise in the textile industry. Our textile quality management solutions team members (technicians, auditors, inspectors, managers) all come from a background of textile production and have profound product knowledge. Our team's credentials when working with very experienced and knowledgeable factory managers is of the essence; we are the eyes of our customers at their production locations.

Textile Inspection Team

SgT Textile inspection team

We recruit inspectors with extensive textile experience, including people who previously worked as QA managers, pattern makers, sample room managers, line managers and production / finishing managers in textile and clothing factories. These inspectors are divided into teams dedicated to different market segments. They are regularly screened and trained to update their knowledge on the latest international standards.

Lab Technicians

SgT Lab Technicians

Our multi-cultural lab team consists of high profile textile technicians and international clothing experts. They are experienced in testing to international requirements and standards such as ISO, ASTM, AATCC, US CPSC, EN, BS, DIN and NF. They can help setup a testing plan for a collection that ensures your products comply with different local standards, and make clear recommendations to support timely completion of testing.

Textile Engineers

SgT Textile Engineers

Our textile engineers are experts with many years of experience in textile production and development. They understand the technical barriers of local manufacturers and are capable of evaluating each style in accordance with buyers’ standards.

Textile Social, Technical and QMS Audit Team

SgT Textile Social, Technical and QMS Audit Team

Our audit team consists of SA8000 Certified and Lead Auditors as well as specialists who are well acquainted with textile regulatory affairs. They have conducted many safety, quality, social and environmental audits as well as technical textile audits.


SgT Trainers

Thanks to our extensive compliance database, our trainers from varying markets have many years of experience in educating local workers and employees. They do this by demonstrating technical know-how and an in-depth knowledge of Quality and Safety regulations.

Customer Service

SgT Customer service

Our customer service specialists have a merchandiser profile. They are the daily interface between our customers and their suppliers and factories. They control the output of our technicians, auditors and inspectors and help to ensure the reports are clear, properly documented and well-illustrated to enable a fast decision process for our customers.

Key Account Manager

SgT Key account manager

Key Account Managers are customer relationship professionals with a textile background. They have a macro - visibility on our customer processes and help them to settle technical matters across all SgT’s regions. They also help to understand further inspection reports and take appropriate measures. Our K.A.M. team supports our customers in ensuring that any suggested improvements on SgT’s quality of service are duly implemented.

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