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Incoming Material Control

Incoming material control

Incoming Material Control

Components and accessories are inspected upon arrival at the finished garment manufacturer. This will prevent wastage and rework if they do prove to be faulty or have other quality issues.

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Main Controls Performed

  •  Control of reception process and stock - taking process 
  • Review of incoming control reports and tests performed
  • Random check on quantities received
  • Evaluation of risks (storage conditions, control performed upon reception, marking of defects observed (if any), cutting issues evoked by manufacturer… or other constraints preventing production from starting)

Fabrics and Raw Materials That We Focus On

  • Fabrics
  • Leather hides
  • Other components such as trims, laces, elastic, ribbons
  • Hardware accessories: Buttons, zippers, metallic parts

Benefits of SgT Controlling Incoming Materials

Identification of Major Sources of Production Delays

Identification of Sources of Non-Conformity

Replacement or Correction before Start of Production or at an Early Stage

Saving of Time and Reduction of Costs Linked to Problems with Quality of Supplies

Speeding up negotiations between suppliers and manufacturers

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