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Textile Social Audit

textile csr audit from SgT

What is a Textile Social Audit?

A social audit enables evaluation of the ability of a manufacturer to comply with local labor laws and international social standards.

SgT has a pool of SA8000 certified auditors with a textiles background. The auditors will check the manufacturer’s compliance with local labor law, international best practices, and the brand's code of conduct. The goal is to assure that your supply chain is socially compliant, reducing the risk of working with non-compliant factories which could lead to damage to your brand's reputation if you were found to be selling goods produced in illegal or unsafe working conditions.

What happens next?

Following the social audit and depending on the results, a corrective and preventive action plan is proposed by the manufacturer and re-checked by the auditors within 6 to 9 months, depending on the gravity of observations and points to be corrected.

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Each Textile Corporate Social Responsibility Audit Examines:

Child labor

Child Labor

Forced Labor

Health and Safety

Freedom of Association



Disciplinary practices

Disciplinary Practices

Working Hours


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