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Textile Laboratory Compliance Testing

When performing textile laboratory compliance testing SgT offer a variety of chemical tests at both the development and production stages in order to ensure that our customers’ products comply with their distribution market's regulations and do not cause harm to their customers or to the environment.

Key Compliance Testing Elements

Applied Products

  • Textile products (finished garments, accessories, fabric, yarn, etc.)
  • Related components (laces, elastics, ribbons, etc.)
  • Footwear
  • Accessories (buttons, zippers, snaps, etc.)


textile laboratory compliance testing

Main Tests Performed

  • EU, US, Chinese regulations (Azo, phthalates..)
  • REACH, other SVHC’s screening
  • Heavy metal tests
  • Allergenic test

Standards Available

  • European (ISO, EN, DIN…)
  • China (ISO, GB)

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