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Textile Collection Review & Technical Construction File

The collection review for textiles allows the anticipation any risks related to a particular product and the execution of the right tests depending on the compliance and functional risks levels. The 'Technical Construction File' (TCF) review helps to ensure that the tests are duly performed through a thorough documentation assessment of the test reports (validity, standards applied, lab reputation…)

Key Textile Collection Review Elements

Textile Collection Review and Technical Construction File Review


  • Determine for each style the number and type of tests required, based on legal requirements and functionalities expected
  • Check style by style, that the suppliers are providing the tests, reports and certifications
  • Check the accuracy and results of the tests, reports and certifications
  • Synthetic summary provided by SgT, for each style
  • Management and storing of necessary document (TCF sheet + tests reports +Certificates) on a web platform, accessible anytime, anywhere

 Technical Construction File and Textile collection review benefits


  • Eliminate the risks of importing a style which is not compliant with local regulations
  • A neutral provider checks the accuracy and validity of the test reports and coordinates with the suppliers to ensure the submission of the right documents
  • Double checking of the quality handbook by SgT (are all the test requirements updated?)
  • Ability to provide the right proofs to consumers’ associations, authorities or customs, at any time, and from anywhere

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