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API, SgT's sister company was established in 1994 as an independent company. API specializes in quality management solution (inspection, lab testing and auditing) for household goods; electrical appliances, toys, DIY products, outdoor / indoor furniture, and home decoration products. API works for a number of large international importers and mass-distribution retailers.

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Albhades Provence

Albhades Provence is a laboratory located in France. Albhades specializes in offering a variety of testing solutions covering microbiological analysis (food safety, environment, medical devices), toxicity analysis, chemical analysis (heavy metals, persistent organic compounds, drinking water), and preservative analysis (cosmetic products) for clients in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Challenge Optimum S.A

Challenge Optimum S.A

Since its creation in 1994, Challenge Optimum S.A. has specialized in auditing, designing and implementing a broad range of management system solutions to accompany customers in their certification programs and in their sustainable development initiatives.

More than 600 customers from a large scope of activities have entrusted Challenge Optimum to assess the efficiency of their organization, to engineer significant strategic changes or implement international management 'best practices.'

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Asia Quality Focus (AQF)

Asia Quality Focus (AQF) was created in 2007 as an alternative to large inspection agencies. It has a flexible approach and covers all consumer product ranges.

AQF was designed to provide a customer-oriented experience for its clients.

AQF has a bespoke on-line client support and project management system. The company focuses exclusively on quality control services and is fully committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by collecting accurate information while on the factory floor.

AQF serves importers, retailers and trading companies of all sizes from all over the world. Their clients have one thing in common: they all import goods from Asia.

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International Aviation Safety

International Aviation Safety (IAS)

International Aviation Safety (IAS), headquartered in Hong Kong and established in 2015, provides safety management services (inspections, audits, consulting services, technical assistance etc.) to aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance organizations, airlines and national aviation authorities.

The aim of IAS is to enhance safety as well as assure compliance with the international regulations and standards. IAS has strong expertise in both Civil Aviation Regulations (ICAO, EASA, FAA) and in aircraft manufacturing, maintenance and operations (Quality Management, Type Certification conformity, Human factors, Processes optimization etc).

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Green Story

Green Story is a sustainability solution  for checking and offsetting your products carbon footprint, and communicating your sustainability efforts in a way that is easy and quick to understand.

By combining supply-chain sustainability data with interactive visuals, we enrich the customer experience with your green story throughout the customer lifecycle, enhancing your brand transparency, increasing engagement and loyalty, and driving revenue.

Partnering with hundreds of sustainable fashion global players like Pangaia, thredUP, Armedangels, Esprit and HanesBrands, Green Story has a global team of experts passionate about helping brands achieve a greener and socially responsible way of doing business.

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