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Online Textile Inspection Services with SgTLink

What Is SgTLink?

  • SgT's in-house ERP
  • Developed internally
  • Supports all processes including service booking,invoicing and data analysis
  • Links suppliers, factories, customers, brands, and SgT

The Benefits of the SgTLink ERP

  • Improves communication and allows faster response
  • Cost Saving - Fully automated process
  • Strategic tool improving service quality
  • Statistics - Allows evaluation of supplier’s quality performance
  • Capable of data interaction & exchange between multiple systems

SgTLink Helps Our Business Partners

  • Fast and facilitated access to reports
  • Real time tracking of quality actions
  • (PPS, Production follow-up, Inspections etc.)
  • Data Analysis - allows evaluation of supplier’s quality performance with statistics
SgT Link: Online Textile Inspection Services

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